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Log a Dive!

Hey everyone! We just launched a new feature called Log a Dive. This will allow all our members to add a simplified log entry on our dive sites. After we have collected some data you will be able to see averages for each site. Please add some logs to your favourite dive sites. I have added about 30 of my own. Enjoy!

Dive Hub was developed to help divers find and share dive spots close to you. When people first started diving they find it difficult to find people to dive with and sites to dive to gain experience, meet like-minded divers and/or practice skills. Joining a local club helps one able to connect with other new divers and make some great friends in the process. One thing that was still lacking is good information on dive sites.  So with that in mind, this site was created in the hopes that many divers will share their favorite dive sites.

We urge you to share your favorite dive spots and any tips about the location. Future plans on expanding this site to include more features such as a phone app, personal dive log, Google map integration for starters. If you have any comments or suggestions feedback is welcome and encouraged but not as much as participation.  Join the conversation on Ontario Diving on Facebook and see what other divers are up to. 

Dive Safe - From the Team.

The information you're looking for isn't here and you know it's out there.  Find it and submit it or go to Ontario Diving on Facebook and do something different like ask.  If it's Dive Site, enter it. Your favorite Scuba service not included. not a problem send it to us and we'll be happy to add it. Participation works for the benefit of all.

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